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Product Description

Introducing the E10 Crew, the ultimate electric vehicle for efficient and eco-friendly transportation in vineyards, stables, or municipal settings.

This 4-seater model features a powerful 10kW AC motor, 72V 140AH gel batteries, and a range of up to 40km*, making it perfect for group tours, staff transportation, or daily operations. With 4WD, power steering, and a rear differential lock, the E10 Crew effortlessly handles diverse terrains, from vineyard slopes to stable paths. The added convenience of a 10” big screen and reverse camera enhances safety and ease of use. Opt for the E10 Crew for a sustainable and versatile solution in agricultural, equestrian, or council applications.


  • Electric 24HP AC motor

  • 72V,140AH Gel batteries+12V 20AH battery

  • 4WD

  • Power steering system

  • H/L speed transmission

  • Rear differential lock

  • Rear tow bar

  • Aluminum wheels

  • Two side view mirror

  • Mesh door

  • Middle cup holder

  • Two side arm rest

  • Winch

  • Folding windshield

  • 10”  big screen + reverse camera

Included Accessories

  • Mesh Doors 

  • Roof and windshield 

  • Towbar 

  • Winch 

  • Aluminium rims 

  • Rear Seating + 2 

  • Two Sided Mirror 

  • Middle Cup Holder 

  • 10″ Screen & Reverse Camera


Engine PMSM (Permanent magnet synchronous motor)

Power 24HP

Rated Power 13.5HP

Torque 130N.m

Battery Capacity 72V 140AH*

Battery Type Lead acid battery

Charge Time 9-10h

Charging System ON-Board Charger

Drive Model 4WD, F/N/R, Rear differential with lock

Max Speed 52km/h

Max Range 20-40km*

Dump Bed Maximum Tipping Angle 35°

Dump Bed capacity 100kg

Dump Bed Dimensions 700 × 1190 × 265mm

Suspension front Independent Mcpherson

Suspension rear Independent Double A-Arm

Brakes front Ventilated Hydraulic Disc

Brakes rear Ventilated Hydraulic Disc

Tyres front 25×8-12

Tyres rear 25×10-12

Dimensions (L x W x H )3316 x 1440 x 1995mm

Wheelbase 2505 mm

Ground clearance 240 mm

Dry weight (With Lead acid batteries) 930kg

Battery Range Disclaimer

Battery Range Disclaimer for the Crossfire E10 Electric UTV:* The estimated range for the Crossfire E10 electric UTV is provided as a guideline only and is based on ideal driving conditions. Actual range may vary due to several factors, including but not limited to:


  1. Terrain: Hilly or rugged terrain can require more energy, thereby reducing overall range.

  2. Driving Habits: Rapid acceleration, high speeds, and frequent stops can reduce the range.

  3. Climate and Weather: Extremely cold or hot temperatures can affect battery performance and capacity. Using the UTV’s heater or air conditioning can also consume additional energy.

  4. Payload and Towing: Carrying heavy loads or towing can reduce the battery’s range.

  5. Battery Age and Health: As with all batteries, capacity can decrease over time or with extensive use, leading to reduced range.

  6. Maintenance: Not maintaining the vehicle according to recommended schedules may impact performance and range.

  7. Software/Firmware: Updates or changes to the UTV’s software/firmware might affect energy consumption and range.

  8. External Factors: Factors such as tire pressure, wind resistance, and road conditions can influence the UTV’s energy consumption.

Users should always plan their trips accordingly and consider these factors when relying on the battery’s range estimate. It’s recommended to maintain a buffer and not let the battery discharge completely. Charging options and locations should be taken into consideration, especially for longer journeys.

** Usable capacity is usually about 30% of the total lead acid battery total capacity. Information sheet is in the support section of website.

* If 1 month and 6 months services have been done by a Crossfire Dealer – Warranty is extended to 2 years for vehicles 250cc and up. Please make sure you have proof of services.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on (07) 55403151 or
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