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Product Description

The E1 Electric UTV is one of the world’s few true 4WD electric UTV vehicles with switch selectable 2WD/4WD modes, low and high range gearing and full regenerative braking for maximum operating range.
  • Quiet and clean operation, reliable and rugged

  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • Ideal for shopping centre car parks, around livestock, hospitality venues, construction and mining companies, security work, Councils, and more

  • Outstanding features, including tilt tray and 1,500 kg winch

  • 100% electric operation; no emissions during use

  • Safework NSW SSV eligible vehicle (see details)

Recharging is a breeze using the onboard DeltaQ charger. It’s simply a matter of plugging the E1 into a standard 15A wall socket and allowing a full charge time of 6-8 hours. The E1 is an exceptionally easy to use UTV with loads of power, effortless acceleration and regenerative braking, so when you brake, the engine captures the power and recharges the batteries.

Power and stability

The 27 HP 48 Volt AC drive train is powerful enough to handle difficult terrain without all the noise of a gas-powered engine. Nitrogen-assisted independent suspension and four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes will keep you in full control. The E1 is built for stability and performance.


The E1 has been very popular for hospitality, large events and tourism applications where silent operation and high speed allows the ability to access locations within the venue without disturbing guests.  The quiet and clean nature of electric operation also lends the E1 to applications security work, patrolling shopping centre car parks and working around livestock.

Councils, mining and construction companies have also been excited by  the E1’s environmental credentials while still functioning as a reliable and rugged utility vehicle. The E1 can also be equipped for operation in hazardous environments and easily accommodates the fitting of common safety equipment including reflective tape, class 1 beacon, CB radio, cabin barrier and a battery isolation switch.

Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) policy

The E1 is a great fit for the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) policy being adopted by many councils and other organisations across Australia. The objectives of the ZEV policy are to:

  1. Ensure the transport requirements of Council operations are met in the most efficient, transparent, and equitable manner with the lowest possible environmental footprint.

  2. Respond to increasing evidence and global concern of the impact of vehicle emissions on human and environmental health. To continue Council’s commitment to addressing climate change and reducing local airborne emission through the purchase and operation of low emission vehicles for the light vehicle fleet, with a view to transitioning to zero emissions vehicles consistent with corporate and community ‘zero carbon’ commitments.


  • 1500 kg winch

  • Roof and windshield

  • Aluminium rims

  • Turn signals

  • Seatbelts

  • Adjustable shocks

  • Tow pack


Doors $POA

Roof and windshield Included

Towbar Included

Winch1500 kg

Aluminium rims Included

Rear Seating +2 N/A

Instrumentation Digital-Analog Display


Engine AC Induction

Displacement N/A

Power 27 HP

Torque 119 N.m

Drive 2WD / 4WD

Locking diffs Front only

Cooling Air

Fuel system 48V dry cell

Fuel capacity 2080 Ah

Starter Electric

Ignition N/A

Transmission L-H-N-R

Bore x stroke (mm) N/A

Compression ratio N/A

Tray capacity160 kg

Tray dimensions1080 x 790 x 280

Steering Direct

Towing capacity 360 kg

Suspension front Dual A-Arm independent suspension

Suspension rear Dual A-Arm independent suspension

Brakes front Dual hydraulic disc and regenerative braking

Brakes rear Dual hydraulic disc and regenerative braking

Tyres front AT26 x 9-14

Tyres rear AT26 x 11-14

Dimensions (L x W x H)2750 x 1630 x 1870 mm

Wheelbase 1860 mm

Ground clearance 254 mm

Dry weight 830 kg

* If 1 month and 6 months services have been done by a Crossfire Dealer – Warranty is extended to 2 years for vehicles 250cc and up. Please make sure you have proof of services.

If you have any questions, please give us a call on (07) 55403151 or
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